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Genetic discrimination cases are complex. Employers who engage in such discrimination often attempt to mask their illegal conduct by falsely claiming legitimate reasons for employment decisions. Once an employee asserts a genetic information discrimination claim, many employers have the recourses to hire large corporate law firms to defend their actions. Carroll Law Firm, SC focuses its entire legal practice on representing employees, professionals and executives. Loyalties will never be divided because the firm does not represent employers.

Attorney Douglas J. Carroll, Jr., the founder and managing attorney at Carroll Law Firm, SC has the knowledge and experience to peel back the layers of management-speak and get at the truth. He has the skill and tenacity to effectively fight for justice regardless of the size and recourses of the employer or the law firm they hire.

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Genetic Information Discrimination Attorney

Milwaukee Genetic Information Discrimination Lawyer

Milwaukee Genetic Discrimination Attornies

Genetic Information Discrimination Is Illegal

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act ("GINA")took effect in 2009 and prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of an applicant or employee's genetic information.

The law is meant to protect employees from being discriminated against because their genetic information may reveal a propensity to develop medical conditions. The logic behind the law is that individuals may not get genetic tests and obtain preventative treatment if doing so could adversely affect an individual's employment opportunities.

What is Genetic Information?

Genetic information includes information about an individual's genetic tests and the tests of their family members. Although the ADA, not GINA protects employees when a medical condition manifests, GINA does treat information concerning manifestation of a disease or disorder in a person's family members. Family medical histories are included because they are often used to determine if a person has an increased risk of developing a particular disorder or disease.

What Is Genetic Information Discrimination

Employment discrimination on the basis of genetic information involves treating an applicant or employee differently than others with respect to the terms, conditions and privileges of employment including hiring, discharge, promotion, compensation, discipline, layoffs, job assignments, benefits and training.
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Milwaukee Genetic Information Discrimination Lawyer

If you believe you are the victim of genetic information discrimination in the workplace contact Carroll Law Firm, SC, a Milwaukee Genetic Information Discrimination Law Firm that will work tirelessly to advocate for your employee rights. When you contact us either through our website or by telephone you will speak directly to an attorney. In our first communication we provide a free initial assessment of your case and in most cases you will be invited to come to our office for a more detailed consultation. We will listen to you and elicit important facts so that we may conduct a meticulous evaluation of your situation. You will get sound, straightforward legal advice about your rights, a considered evaluation of your entire situation, an explanation of your options for legal representation beyond the initial conference and we will begin to develop a comprehensive legal strategy tailored to accomplishing your goals and obtaining results for you.

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