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Milwaukee Non Compete Agreements Attorney

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Non Compete Agreements Attorney in Milwaukee Wi.

It has become increasingly common for employers to attempt to limit an employee's post-employment opportunities through the use of non-compete agreements. While non-compete agreements are disfavored by the law, a properly drafted non-compete agreement can be legally enforceable.

Disputes concerning non-compete agreements are complex and highly fact intensive. A non-compete which is legally enforceable in one instance may not be enforceable in another. When disputes arise with respect to non-compete agreements, employers have the recourses to hire large corporate law firms to represent their interests.

If you have been presented with a non-compete agreement, are contemplating a job change in the shadow of a non-compete agreement or have a dispute with an employer concerning a non-compete agreement you need a partner you can trust. Carroll Law Firm, SC focuses its entire legal practice on representing employees, professionals and executives. Loyalties will never be divided because the firm does not represent employers. Attorney Douglas J. Carroll, Jr., the founder and managing attorney at Carroll Law Firm, SC has the knowledge and experience to counsel clients with non-compete issues including negotiating fair agreements and negotiating disputes with respect to existing non-compete agreements. If litigation becomes necessary, Attorney Carroll has the skill and tenacity to effectively fight for justice regardless of the size and recourses of the employer or the law firm they hire.

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Non Compete Agreements Attorney

Milwaukee Non Compete Agreements and Professional Employment Law Attorney

Milwaukee Non Compete Agreements Attornies

What is a Non-Compete Agreement

A non-compete agreement is a contract between an employer and an employee which limits the ability of the employee to engage in activities competitive to the employer during the employment relationship and for a period of time after termination of the employment relationship.

Are Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable

Generally, yes. While Wisconsin Law generally disfavors non-compete agreements, it also recognizes that in some instances an employer has legitimate business interests that are worthy of protecting.

Wisconsin law favors the mobility of workers and therefore considers any restriction on trade or competition as suspect on its face. Accordingly, any covenant not to compete will be strictly construed. However, the law recognizes that an employer may impose reasonable restrictions on competition to protect its legitimate business interests.

Non-Compete Agreement Negotiation

While it is most common for an employer to present an employee with a non-compete agreement at the commencement of the employment relationship, an employer may also decide to require a non-compete agreement from its employees at any point during the employment relationship.

Hiring a Wisconsin non-compete attorney to review and negotiate a proposed non-compete agreement is wise and may be much more cost effective than retaining an attorney after a dispute arises. At Carroll Law Firm, SC, we will explain the terms of a non-compete agreement to you so that you understand your rights and obligations under the contract. We will analyze the contract to determine if there are any provisions which need to be removed or altered and whether there are terms which need to be added to protect your rights and your career.

When an employer is left to its own devices in drafting a non-compete agreement the result is often an overly broad and restrictive agreement. When an employee leaves his or her job and accepts other employment or starts a business in a field even remotely similar to that of the employer, it is not uncommon for an employer to send a threatening letter demanding that the employee adhere to the covenant not to compete. Attorney Douglas J. Carroll, Jr., has extensive experience responding to such letters and in many instances negotiating with the employer to limit the scope or even waive overly broad and restrictive non-compete agreements.

Non-Compete Agreement Litigation

Disputes involving non-compete agreements can cause confusion, stress and damage to your career. Defending litigation instigated by an overly aggressive employer can be time consuming and costly.

However, there are times when litigation is necessary. Attorney Douglas J. Carroll, Jr., has the legal knowledge and the trial skills to aggressively litigate non-compete agreement disputes and obtain results.
Milwaukee Employment Non Compete Agreements Attorney

Milwaukee Non Compete Agreements Lawyer

If you have been presented with a non-compete agreement or have a dispute with your employer regarding your existing non-compete agreement Carroll Law Firm, SC, a Milwaukee non-compete agreement Law Firm that will work tirelessly to advocate for your employee rights.

When you contact us, you will speak directly to an attorney. In our first communication we provide a free initial assessment of your case and in most cases you will be invited to come to our office for a more detailed consultation. We will listen to you and elicit important facts so that we may conduct a meticulous evaluation of your situation. You will get sound, straightforward legal advice about your rights, a considered evaluation of your entire situation, an explanation of your options for legal representation beyond the initial conference and we will begin to develop a comprehensive legal strategy tailored to accomplishing your goals and obtaining results for you.

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